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May 16, 2010, 10:49 am
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Yes, I’ve been pretty quiet over the past few weeks. Let’s just say that when you need to find a new place to live, quick smart, other things tend to take a back burner. A curious side effect of training is that when looking for new places to live you are no longer just looking for a new home for you and your loved one, but also a place for your two wheeled friend. Sure, the bathroom has a jacuzzi, the bedroom has a walk in wardrobe, the kitchen comes complete with personal chef, gratis, – BUT WHERE DO I KEEP MY BIKE?! Lucky for me, and lucky for you, (because I’m egotistical that way) I have found somewhere to live and the training and blogging now continues – huzzah!

The first blog that I bring to you is truly a multimedia treat – two in fact! The good people at Donside Pictures have very generously donated their time and effort to helping me to bring two videos for your viewing pleasure. A special mention must be made to Michael Cox for filming and editing these films – without him you would have just got an over exposed shaky cam image of me falling off my bike. Off camera.

The first film, ‘Cycle Jen’, offers everything a good training montage should: bikes, bandanas and slow-mo, and comes with a guidance rating of U, although there is some sand related mild peril involved.

The second, ‘Cycle Craig’, offers an insight into those unsung heroes of CF – the partners. I have been going out with my boyfriend Craig for nine years now, and I think filming this video has been quite cathartic for him – especially since we filmed it after a long winter where I really did spend most nights keeping us both up coughing. Thankfully that’s sorted now and we now both look forward to a long, restful night’s sleep. Now, if only we could stop Craig’s snoring… I rate this one for this one 12A for the swearing and excessive salt abuse in food cookery. Do not try this at home!


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It’s no wonder you’re only at 25 miles if you are spending your time trying to cycle through sand!! and if you think that’s hard you want to try pushing a Bugaboo on the beach! Lovin the vids, the slo mo reminded me somewhat of Baywatch minus the red swimsuit, taned and toned extras (sorry Craig) and of course inplausible storylines. Lizzie does make a fair point though on recreating the 34DD ‘bounce’ effect.

Craig, I sometimes have a similar problem with the kids and I find putting them in a cupboard or drawer works pretty well. Alternatively the sofa?

Lizzie says ….. well quite honestly nothing of any value or sense so i’m not going to bother typing it.

Comment by Lizzie and Richard

You’re the funny twin, mirror face.

Comment by Lizzie

I thought a shot of you running up a flight of stairs and doing a Rocky jump up and down on the top with fists in air would have been fitting… mwuahahaha brilliant. I also advise against cycling through sand.. or big muddy puddles which appear cm’s deep and end up being 1ft deep pools!!! Never done the latter myself…

Comment by Jodie

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