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August 18, 2010, 6:48 am
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Hello! Lizzie here (the twin sister!). I’ll be keeping you updated on Jen’s journey through texts that she sends me! I spoke to her last night and she was both nervous and excited!

Wednesday 18th August

7:00am – CycleJen sets off on her mammoth journey!

11:40am – “half way to Dover – Jesus Christ it’s hilly!”

2:30pm – “ah Kent! Beautiful, flat Kent!”

4:50pm – “My next challenge will be to become mayor of Kent and get the south downs bulldozed flat. No one needs hills like that. It’s obscene.”

7:00pm – “94 miles. 7.5 hours. Flys swallowed 10. Death hills climbed 4. Day 1 is complete!”

9:44pm – “sleeeep”

Thursday 19 August

6:00pm – “Oh god. I’ve accidently stolen someone’s bum cream!”

Friday 20 August

12:57pm – “Toughest day so far! 18 miles of open landscape and a really strong head wind. Argh!”

7:33pm – “Well, I made it! 30 degree heat and Jen do not mix. Roll on tomorrow!”

Saturday 21 August

9:56 am – “It’s an interesting experience feeling too tired to move your body, but getting on and doing it anyway. Still, 25 miles to Paris!”

11:21am – “Stopped to have lunch by the Seine! Already feeling emotional, so i’ll be bawling by the time we reach the Eiffel Tower!”

3:05pm – “London to Paris. 300 mils. 0 punctures. 0 rides in the van. 3 lots of tears. Finished!”


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Wooooot go jen go! I hope at the end it is like a scene from E.T…. E.T. go home, as if your bike could miraculously float you back to the Scotland! Nice thought though!

Comment by Jode's

whoop, you go girl!

Comment by helen

It’s late and I’m working… I hope that says burn and not bum cream… marginal improvement in my mind tanks thoughts 🙂

Comment by Jode's

Haha Na Jodie, it does say BUM cream!!! Noice! *shudders*

Comment by Lizzie

I agree for very different reasons! What a day I have had… I think the prednisone is making me a smidge ’emotional’ 🙂

I hope the wind was not strong enough to bring tears to your eyes! Let us know what Paris is like when you get there… I’m flying over in a few weeks time… *that was quite evil* 🙂

Keep pedalling you marvel!
Jodie x

PS – why on Earth did you pinch someone’s butt cream? Don’t you know where that’s been?!?!?!?!

Comment by Jodie

HERO!!!! Now where to… Munich? 😉

You star, awesome effort and well done! xxx

Comment by Jode's

Well done! You definitely deserve a “man badge” for this 😉

Comment by Woody

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