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17 miles later…
April 9, 2010, 8:57 pm
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17 miles. Seventeen miles. SEVENTEEN MILES. That’s how far I went on Wednesday night. On a bike. On a goddam bike. You think about that. Then you think about how I need to increase that to 95 miles. I can’t even bear to put that into capitals at the moment – it’s making my legs cry. I need to find out if going on a motorbike is cheating. Perhaps I could ride on the back of a tandem. With Lance Armstrong.


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Hey sis, I think it’s about time you started training in kilometers as well just so those pesky Frenchies (after much deliberation i settled on that as both a word and the spelling) don’t get the better of you.

So let me be of some assistance – first time for everything eh. 17 miles is 23.7km … sounds better when you go Metric!! But 95 miles is 152km ……

And if you were picking a tandem partner surely the great Sir Chris ‘Kellogs’ Hoy would be a better choice, I hear he thinks the French eat pastries for Breakfast

On the subject of a Motorbike being cheating, i’ve check the International Cycling Union Rules (or Union Cycliste Internationale if you prefer) and nowhere does it officially rule out motor power

Comment by Richard

I would use the metric system, but I suspect many people would do what I do and overcompensate with their calculations and say ‘300km? What’s that, 10 miles? – No deal!’ With miles, at least you know what you’re getting. A bit like degrees centigrade. I mean, what the hell is 46 degrees farenheit?! Is that hot? Cold? The fires of hell?

Comment by cyclejen

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